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  • Jun 08 - 02:34 PM: McBane's Strawberry Wit Launch : Joe McBane

    So the new McBane's beer is nearly with us. We will be launching it this Wednesday at 5.30pm. Everyone from the brewery who had a hand in the beer will be there for the evening.

    Having had a sneak peek I can let you know that beer has really come out well. Don't expect loads of sweet fruit dominance. It is definitely more in the vein of refined European fruit beers. A nice layer of taste.

    I am driving back from New Hampshire that day with an Austin Princess limo attached to the back of the truck so I will be ready for a beer by 5.30.

    Btw more details to follow on the Austin...

    See you Wednesday. $3 pints.

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  • May 29 - 12:09 PM: Mc Bane's Strawberry Wit : Joe McBane

    Myself, Chris Schutheis and Kim Reed went down to Custom Brewcrafters last Thursday for the brewing of the next McBane's series beer.

    The brew went great. We seemed to hit all the right times and temperatures and we had a blast getting involved with the process. We will have the beer in house in a couple of weeks. As with anything like this the proof is in the pudding.

    Check out pictures of our brew day in the photos section of the site.

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  • May 22 - 09:00 AM: Circumstance Makes It : Joe McBane

    I finished my round of golf today and fancied a trip into the nineteenth. It was a hot morning and I don't like to ride golf carts so I was ready to put my bag down and have a pint. The best beer they had was Blue Moon. Not the best beer in the world if you were to ask me to critque it, but right at that moment it was heaven in a glass.

    Some of my most memorable food and drink experiences have come in situations like this. Holidays in France eating all kinds of wonderful oddities in strange settings while trying converse in a foriegn language. I am sure the food was good but framed like that it was so much more memorable. Some of my favorite beers have happened to have been drunk in back street cafes in Belgium and great pubs in England. Coincidence? I think not.

    What are some of your stories?

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