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  • Apr 01 - 05:38 PM: What I have noticed about beer vs wine. : Joe McBane

    I think that one of the main reasons wine has a snobby reputation is that most people have no idea what it is that are really drinking. Someone may tell them it is truly a superb bottle for reasons x and y and they are probably inclined to believe them. For example, take a rough around the edges, moderately cheap bottle of red and tell someone it is a $100 bottle of Cabernet that has all the panache and backbone to be one the most delicious things out this year, and you won't get many naysayers. Equally a very expensive wine could easily be dismissed as so so in a blind tasting. I think the problem is that the range of flavor within both white and particularly red wine is acute. It requires a truly developed palate and thorough education to be able to pick on nuances and true value of many wines.

    This leads me on to beer. Beer comes in a massive spectrum of flavors. It is easy for just about anyone to make a personal choice on what works for them or doesn't as the case maybe. Now it's not to say that beer isn't complex, it's just easy to get a comfortable hold on. I think this is why beer is often consdered to be - the peoples drink.

    Just for the record, our policy on wine is to offer good value, single grape varietals from lesser known wineries. I certainly don't want anyone to think that an observation has been viewed as an opportunity.


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  • Mar 25 - 12:32 PM: Keep your finger on the pulse people. : Joe McBane

    In keeping with our ultra connected, tech savvy society we provide you with a few updates to our web service.

    RSS feeds are now available. They come in a choice of three options. Draft updates, blog/rant updates and full updates. If you are not familiar with RSS feeds let me enlighten. You sign up (for free of course) and then start receiving alerts of any content changes to the site from areas you have expressed an interest in. It saves you the time of continually checking. Never miss that rare keg of beer again. Be one step ahead of the crowd.

    Blog/rant comments. Due to requests we have added a comment function so that you can also cast an opinion on what ever musings I may have. Keep it clean folks!

    Twitter. You can now read the last five Tweets made by the Tap and Mallet on the website. I suggest signing up and following. It is a cool way to have an insiders look at what is going on down at the pub. Aren't we all Twits at heart anyway?

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  • Mar 03 - 08:40 PM: Pricy British Session Ales Losing Favor? : Joe McBane

    It seems to me that British session ales have lost a lot of popularity based on where they were just a few years ago. When I say this I am not refering to beers such as Boddingtons, Newcastle, Bass etc. I am speaking of rare boutique examples that come with a high price tag. By pricy I mean $6 a pint and upwards. I think that when people decide to spend that kind of cash they have come to look for a bigger bang for their buck in terms of both flavor and ABV. I also think that the average craft drinker has come to the realization that they just love a big hop presence in their pale ales that simply don't show up in British beers.

    It is something I have observed through my day to day work. I have also noticed less availability on a whole sale level so I would assume that is a reflection of the current market demand.

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