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  • Feb 27 - 02:48 PM: Social Networking : Joe McBane

    We have joined the modern age. We now have a Facebook page and post on Twitter. Check out the links.

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  • Feb 27 - 08:48 AM: Artist Opportunities : Joe McBane

    As with pretty much everything we do we believe that variety and change keeps things fresh and interesting. This includes the art that we put on the walls. If you or your friends have art that you would be interested in displaying please get in touch.

    We have had oils, carvings, photography and car parts on our walls so we are definitely open minded to a range of media and styles. We never charge commission.

    Get creative!

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  • Feb 21 - 05:25 PM: Karen and Tom : Joe McBane

    Karen you came in on Friday to tell me about Tom. I was really busy and wished I had got your number. I would love to see you guys again. If you read this please get in touch. You can call the pub or email through this website.
    You are in my thoughts.

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