Joe's Rants and Raves

  • Jan 20 - 04:06 PM: The Start of a New Era : Joe McBane

    At about 11am I asked the staff if we were ready for lunch and they informed me that yes we were. I told to them all to down tools, grab a pint and gather round to watch the inauguration. I felt it was important for everyone to be witness to what should prove be an important part of this country's and the world's history.

    We surrounded the 14" RCA rabbit ear TV sat on the bar top. Everybody sensed the size of the occasion. There was definitely a strong feeling of optimism and togetherness. I think that Obama's speech put the reality of the issues we are facing into perspective and left everyone hopeful of a brighter future.

    On a beer related note we are fortunate enough to have a healthy supply of Obamagang from brewery Ommegang. A rich chocolaty/cherry Belgian style brew. Come down and join us for celebratory glass sometime over the next few days if you can.

    Change - Yes We Can!

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  • Jan 13 - 01:15 PM: Beer Social : Joe McBane

    The January Beer Social theme is now official and tickets are available at the pub.

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  • Jan 10 - 06:13 PM: Ketch it before it is gone. : Joe McBane

    Recently I purchased a bunch of clear glass Grolsch style bottles to put Ketchup in. I thought they would be awesome. A good fit for a stylish beer bar. How wrong was I. The problems with these things are numerous.

    Just getting the ketchup in the bottle requires a steady hand, perfect alignment and optimal dispensing speed. Understand there will of course be much mess however skilled you are. We found a straw a handy tool to keep around.

    Now that the ketchup is in the container the real fun starts. It is worth noting that a knife will not fit into the top of the bottle nor is there any '57' mark as a perfect striking point. I think you can see where I am going with this. I had to hide in the back room for a minute on more than one occasion due to hysterical laughter while watching people viciously beat on the bottle in order get the slightest amount of ketchup out. Last night one of our waitress's was actually summoned to a table to assist a gentleman in extracting his condiment of choice.

    I have also discovered that serving ketchup this way is gross. Crusty, ketchup smeared bottles constantly. These bottles would great for home brewing and I am sure my staff will be more than happy to put them to use.

    Not a single member of staff liked the new bottles. I am surprised that it hasn't surfaced on some review site yet!

    A great example of wonderful form with absolutely minimal function. Sometimes you've got to hold your hands up and say it....I was completely and utterly wrong when I thought this was in any way a good idea. Clean, squeezy ketchup bottles will be back on your tables imminently. We hope you found small humor in this brief bump in the Tap and Mallet condiment road.

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