Joe's Rants and Raves

  • Feb 08 - 08:46 AM: Polar Plunge : Joe McBane

    Some of our staff will be participating in a Polar Plunge at Lake Ontario today at noon. Why would they subject themselves to such shrinkage, extreme uncomfort and possible instant death through cold water shock reaction? The reason is to raise money for Special Olympics.

    Support them if you can. Donations can be made at the bar. I think they are crazed but courageous. Good luck.

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  • Jan 20 - 04:06 PM: The Start of a New Era : Joe McBane

    At about 11am I asked the staff if we were ready for lunch and they informed me that yes we were. I told to them all to down tools, grab a pint and gather round to watch the inauguration. I felt it was important for everyone to be witness to what should prove be an important part of this country's and the world's history.

    We surrounded the 14" RCA rabbit ear TV sat on the bar top. Everybody sensed the size of the occasion. There was definitely a strong feeling of optimism and togetherness. I think that Obama's speech put the reality of the issues we are facing into perspective and left everyone hopeful of a brighter future.

    On a beer related note we are fortunate enough to have a healthy supply of Obamagang from brewery Ommegang. A rich chocolaty/cherry Belgian style brew. Come down and join us for celebratory glass sometime over the next few days if you can.

    Change - Yes We Can!

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  • Jan 13 - 01:15 PM: Beer Social : Joe McBane

    The January Beer Social theme is now official and tickets are available at the pub.

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